About me

I like technology and science, but not coding, this somehow resulted in me being a Product Manager.

I have been lucky enough to work with some brilliant people to build some outstanding products for some great companies.

Currently, building Zeda.io to solve inefficiencies I found in Product Management over my career.

Outside work, you can find me reading, trying a new restaurant, learning something, traveling, or playing with my dog.

Prashant Mahajan in front of Golden Gate

My story

General believer of the fact that most people are good. Quite optimistic and rational in thoughts.
After having both good and bad experiences in life, now I aim to experience life more and not seek validations and other short-lived pleasures.

More into philosophy and long-term thinking now.

My journey

Started as an average lower middle-class guy, who found his passion in building things and solutions to problems.
Thanks to my work, was able to explore the world in last few years, which helped me grow as a person and learn new things, which I am sharing with others now.

My work experience


Started Zeda.io to make Product Management simpler and smarter.

Founder and CEO

Aug 2020 — Present
  • Zeda.io is a Platform for Product teams to define, manage, and collaborate on their products in a simpler and smarter way.

Various Companies

After taking break from Branch and while conceptualizing Zeda.io, I worked as an advisor and consultant to multiple companies, startups, and PMs.

Product Consultant

April 2021 — Jan 2021
  • Worked with PayPay Japan, to launch their chat payments product and multiple other products.
  • Helped few startups in building their product strategy.

Branch Metrics

Joined Branch as their first outside PM, and as Senior Product Manager for Core Product.

Due to COVID-19 and visa issues, had to quit.

Senior Product Manager

May 2019 — April 2020
  • Set up a Product Eng Team in India and lead a team of 10. This team includes Developer, Designer, Product Manager, and Data Analyst.
  • Lead Branch Core Products and Links Platform, where I launched multiple products (GDPR Solution, Link extensions, Postback Testing, QR Codes based attribution) for our enterprise clients.
  • Lead the revamp of a few products from User Experience and functionality point of view. This includes Branch Referral Product. Branch Sign Up, Branch Device Finder App, Branch Web Extensions, Branch Dashboard.


Working at Tokopedia to make Engagement, IM, and Data Products. This is a shift from the previous domain of consumer products to data products and from payment to the e-commerce industry, also a new country too.

Senior Lead Product Manager

Sept 2017 — May 2019
  • Marketing Automation Platform - Working on a project to make a marketing automation platform at Tokopedia. This platform will consume various data points to optimize the various type of campaigns across different channels.
  • PWA and AMP - Worked with Google to launch our PWA and AMP site, which resulted in a 5X better conversion, 60% reduced bounce rate and improved load time by 65%. (https://www.ampproject.org/case-studies/ tokopedia/)
  • Personalization and Recommendation - Working with data science and marketing team to make a user engagement engine, which is able to personalize the user engagement based on what, when and whom to target. Scope includes Product Clustering, User Clustering, and Collaborative Filtering. Initial Tests have shown Improvement of 30% CTR and CVR.
  • Marketing Automation Platform - A platform to optimize marketing effort (ads, push, email, channels) based on user, source, type and time, in order to increase conversion, reduce cost and increase engagement.


Worked at Airtel on Airtel Payments Bank, since it was a short stint, not much to add.

Product Manager

March 2017 — Sept 2017
  • Improved Airtel Payment Bank consumer experience.
  • Implemented GST for payments.
  • Set up Product Management process and analytics.


Worked at Paytm on the consumer payment products, this included launching all the products which were released for the consumer on the app, offline or on the merchant app/website.

Product Manager

June 2015 — March 2017
  • Paytm App - Product Manager of consumer payments of Paytm App. I launched QR code-based payments, send money to a bank, add money to the wallet, and Nearby, where a user can discover Paytm points near him. These products were used by more than 6M users a day.
  • Paytm Payments bank - Worked on Paytm Payments bank, where we launched the bank in the app. Worked with design team and dev team to launch features like Fixed Deposit, Debit Card and all the security features needed as per regulation.
  • Merchant SDK - Worked with team to launch a payment SDK which can enable any other app to accept payments via Paytm. This was used by more than hundreds of merchants, with transactions more than 5M a day and success rate better than any competition.